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How to Improve Your Commercial Dishwashing Process

A dishwasher is your kitchen’s workhorse, so it’s vital to select the most efficient machine to keep costs down – without compromising on wash quality. Here, JLA looks at how to get the most out of your machines in terms of both performance and energy consumption...

Know your machine

Choosing a reliable tank or passthrough machine is critical to keeping ongoing costs down. Poor wash quality leads to re-washes, which in turn cost you more in heating and detergent costs while potentially reducing the life of your machines – or increasing the chances of faults and repairs which will add to your running costs.

Unnecessarily long cycles can also add to the cost of running your kitchen. At JLA, a wide range of dishwashers have been developed with short ‘sub-minute’ programmes, which clean every bit as intensively as longer and higher temperature cycles using some other models. Choosing wisely when shopping around for equipment will ultimately mean you can get your items cleaner quicker, and use less water and electricity in the process.

Water, heating and energy bills

The best machines on the market offer thermal disinfection, by rinsing at a constant 85°C. But by using ‘built-in’ to programmes that last from just 15 seconds, achieving the ultimate in hygienic washing is surprisingly cost-effective and achievable for any business. 

In addition, JLA has built its tank machines with double skinned stainless steel cabinets for insulation, to hold heat and reduce energy costs where constant or regular dishwashing is required throughout the day or night. A further innovation lies in JLA’s rack and flight dishwashers, whereby cold fill machines can be fitted with a heat recovery system which will use the heat from the steam generated, which is normally lost to the room. Double rinse technology also means less than 1 litre per basket of rinse water is used.

"JLA has developed equipment especially for commercial catering, with robust design for non-stop environments, cycle times from 50 seconds to save on energy, and double skin insulation to keep water heating costs down."

Katie Horan, Warewashing Product Manager, JLA

How to be ultra-efficient and get the best wash quality:

  • Pre-rinsing is vital, as it removes any debris which could fall into the tank, dirty the water and block filters resulting in re-washes and expensive call-outs if faults occur.

  • It’s important to load your machine correctly, as a dish or glasswasher needs to be able to spray jets of water evenly onto all surface areas in order to avoid re-washing. Items can touch but should have adequate gaps to allow water and detergents to attack stains and any soiling that remains after pre-rinsing.

  • To get perfectly washed glasses crockery and cutlery, you should dose the exact amount of detergent, using too much will get over foaming and will obviously cost more, while under-dosing will lead to poor wash quality – and you’ll again have the associated extra cost of needing more detergent for a re-wash.

  • For washing different types of glasses and crockery, it’s vital you use different types of detergent. Glasses don’t like harsh chemicals and need specially developed rinse aids to accelerate drying and reduce blueing or glass etching.

  • To save on heating, tank water need only be changed as required, better preparation means less tank changing, so you can get anywhere from 50 to 250 efficient washes out of a single tank – as opposed to draining and refilling on every cycle which carries additional water heating costs. 

Beware hidden costs - questions to ask yourself:

When considering running costs, you also need to factor in hidden costs. What will it cost you to service a machine, or have it fixed in an emergency? How much will it cost to replace glasses and crockery that are damaged by incorrect use of detergents or over-washing due to poor loading practices? And how long is your machine built to last? 


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