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Commercial Washing Machine Range

All machines available for no capital outlay with a Total Care subscription

The JLA commercial washing machine and industrial washing machine range - as well as the dryers to go with them - have been designed to meet the demands of any busy on-premise laundry. With washer capacities ranging from 7.5kg to 65kg and an innovative SMART range also available, our stylish laundry equipment is built to tackle large loads and constant use.

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Commercial Washing Machine Range

Explore our range of commercial washing machines...

The stylish-yet-robust commercial washing machines you'll find at JLA all are designed to cope with the demands of any commercial laundry. With capacities from 5-180kg, user-friendly controls and the quality, reliability and performance you’d expect as standard from our equipment, you can also benefit from features such as eco-friendly cycles, infection control technology, coin-operated appliances and rigid mount or free-standing options.

To give you everything you need to succeed, all our commercial washing machines are available with Total Care - giving you the brand new kit you need for no capital outlay and protecting you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns. Find out more about our unique subscription plan or get a free quote here.

Types of washing machine you'll find at JLA...

Coin Operated Washers

JLA’s coin-op washers are designed to help you maximise revenue in your launderette or managed laundry.

Coin Operated Stack System

Save space in your launderette or managed laundry room with our coin-operated stacked systems. We offer stacked washer/dryers and stacked dryer/dryer units with a wide range of drum capacities that will suit any business.

Commercial Washers

Get the most out of your laundry room with JLA’s market-leading commercial washers. With capacities ranging from 7.5-65kg, they’re ideal for on-premise laundries that need to wash over 8 loads of laundry per day.

Light Commercial Washing Machines

JLA’s light commercial washers are perfect for smaller laundry rooms. Capable of processing up to 8 loads per day, these washing machines are designed for professional performance in salons, spas, hairdressers, schools and a variety of other laund...

Industrial Washing Machines

JLA’s industrial washing machines are designed for continuous operation. At any time of the day or night, our industrial washers will be up to the task of processing linens and giving you the best possible wash quality.

Barrier Washers

A barrier Washer is the ideal way to prevent cross-contamination in large-scale laundry operations. Installed into a physical wall, these 'true passthrough' washers are built to create separate designated loading and unloading areas for best pract...

Stacked Washer Dryers

Save space in your commercial laundry room with our washer/dryer stacked systems. These machines fit neatly on top of each other to give you two pieces of equipment in the space of one.

Commercial Washing Machine Range

Ideal for on-premise laundries washing more than 8 loads per day.

As well as being durable, each commercial washing machine - and heavy-duty industrial washing machine - we supply incorporates intelligent technology and cutting-edge design, delivering a high-quality, efficient laundry process.

Introducing our 'Smart Wash' commercial washers

Every SMART washer in our commercial machines range incorporates JLA Sense absorption technology, a feature that determines the exact quantities of water and detergent required for each load. In addition, these commercial washing machines include easy-to-use controls, clear displays, plus features that keep your consumption costs down.

LIGHT COMMERCIAL Washing Machine Range

Perfect for smaller laundry rooms and capable of processing up to 8 loads per day.

Our professional light commercial washers are available from 7-9.5kg capacity and are ideal for washing up to 8 loads per day. They provide a natural step-up from domestic machines with solid build quality and faster cycle options, JLA’s professional range is big on performance where space is limited and time is precious. 

These machines are perfect for fast and thorough washing in a busy laundry, giving you the reassurance of being able to process more cycles in less time, and save on utilities without compromising on wash quality.


JLA’s industrial washing machines are designed for continuous operation in larger scale laundry operations.

We understand the challenges and demands that commercial laundry rooms like yours face, which is why every JLA industrial washing machine is designed to meet your high load, high frequency laundry requirements.

With heavy-duty washer sizes ranging from 45-20kg capacity our industrial washing machines are ideal for constant use in any business setting.

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