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Commercial Hot Water Cylinder Range

JLA's high quality, fast recovery commercial hot water cylinder solutions are built for businesses and designed to give you the constant (and consistent) hot water supply for care homes, schools, hotels, housing developments or any other setting where staff, residents and visitors create demand for hot water. 

Commercial Hot Water Cylinder Range

JLA water cylinder options FOR YOUR BUSINESS 

We have a range of reliable, high efficiency stainless steel hot water cylinders at JLA,  from light commercial 200 litre units that are ideal for smaller businesses to larger 500 litre units that will meet higher demand in bigger commercial premises. Our hot water cylinders are 'indirect', which means they need a floor standing or wall mounted boiler to power them. We can also install, maintain and fix boilers too as part of your wider commercial heating system.

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Need Heavy Duty hot water cylinders with maintenance and repairs included?

To make sure you have everything you need to succeed, all JLA commercial boiler cylinders are available as part of a Total Care subscription plan - giving you brand new HVAC kit for no capital outlay and protecting you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns with regular checks, maintenance and 7-day emergency repairs included as standard. 

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Benefits of choosing a commercial unvented hot water cylinder

Industrial water cylinders can provide a constant supply of hot water for businesses that need access to large volumes of instant hot water without having to wait. This allows your business to continue functioning even during the busiest periods. With an unvented system, you don't need a cold water tank as your hot water cylinder is fed directly from the mains water supply, via a boiler.

Advantages include: 

  • Free up space where a 'feeder' cold water tank would otherwise be needed
  • Maintain strong pressure thanks to direct mains supply
  • Can be fitted anywhere - unvented cylinders don't rely on gravity
  • Reduced heating system noise (no need for water to fill from a tank every time hot water is drawn)
  • Safe and hygienic - sealed system removes risk of tank contamination
  • Direct mains supply removes risk of water tank leaking, or freezing in colder months

Whether you are scoping for a new build, moving into new premises, refurbishing a site or simply have a faulty, old or condemned unit that needs replacing, JLA has options to suit your needs and budget. Every business needs critical equipment they can rely on, so ensuring you have the right hot water tank for your exact requirements will ensure everything to runs smoothly for years to come.

Each of our commercial hot water tanks is manufactured to the highest standards and offers the following key features:

Various boiler cylinder capacities

Easy operation for both staff and engineers

Unvented floor-standing units

Market-leading energy-efficiency

Smooth coil technology

Foamed-in or wrap-around installation

Fast recovery cylinder 

Durable stainless steel construction

Reliable 'contact' hot water supply

Varied storage tank capacity 

Compact, modern design

Why Choose a JLA water heater cylinder?

Opting for a JLA hot water cylinder boiler means you get unrivalled, expert consultancy that will help you to work out the size machine you need. Too small, and you won't be able to keep up with the demand for water. Too big, and you’ll find yourself paying higher bills to keep the water heated than you really need to. 

We can also carry out a FREE planning consultation before recommending the optimal location within your heating system to ensure the best and most consistent hot water flow - as well as advising on foamed-in and wrap-around installation to maximise efficiency. 

Our knowledge, combined with our range of machines, means we can offer the most complete commercial hot water cylinder solutions - backed up by 24/7 support and 4-hour emergency engineer response day or night. 

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