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OTEX Provides Peace of Mind for Golden Care

Jim Thompson is the Governance and Compliance Manager for Golden Care Ltd, a group of three care homes across Wales and England, and is responsible for training staff in infection control issues. After the OTEX ozone disinfection system was installed in two of the homes, the staff told Jim that they could see a marked increase in the effectiveness and speed of their laundry room. He was immediately impressed with how OTEX met the needs of the group’s care homes.  

Are You Feeling the Regulatory Pressure?

The health and social care sectors are feeling increasing pressure when it comes to meeting HTM 01-04, which sets out regulatory standards for laundry, and CQC regulations, which state that premises must “maintain standards of hygiene appropriate for the purposes for which they are being used.” It’s more important than ever to ensure that your organisation is compliant – and that’s where JLA’s OTEX ozone disinfection system, as well as the Sanitiser, has helped businesses like Golden Care Ltd.

What is HTM 01-04?

Disinfection of laundry in health and social care is governed by Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 01-04. It sets out two accepted methods of disinfection for laundry: thermal and chemical disinfection. For thermal disinfection, the wash water should reach a temperature at or above 65°C for no less than 18 minutes, or 71°C or no less than 11 minutes (this includes mixing time). Chemical disinfection must be able to be validated and must be as effective as thermal disinfection.
Thermal disinfection, while effective, can decrease linen life due to the high temperatures required by the process, and running multiple hot wash cycles daily can lead to a significant increase in utility costs. Since 2004, JLA has offered a ground-breaking alternative: OTEX ozone disinfection for laundry, which aids in compliance with HTM 01-04 while improving wash quality and reducing utility costs.

Ozone Disinfection:  What Makes OTEX Different?

OTEX was developed after years of research by our in-house chemists and technicians. The system uses a patented interfusor to continuously inject ozone into the machine drum during cool wash cycles, eliminating micro-organisms and while giving fabrics a clean, fresh scent. It’s the perfect choice for laundry rooms in care homes, hospitals and clinics where disinfection of linen is regulated by Government guidelines.

OTEX is the only laundry disinfection system that has received Rapid Review Panel 1 (RRP1) status from the Department of Health.

RRP1 status means that a product has undergone several stages of research and development and evidence has shown that “the product is likely to have benefit(s) in improving infection prevention and control (IPC) interventions to reduce healthcare associated infections (HCAI) within the NHS,” and that the product has been recommended for NHS use.

Simply put, OTEX ozone disinfection is the best possible choice for laundry rooms in health and social care.

Find out more about how OTEX has helped Golden Care Ltd and countless other organisations.

Visit the Science of OTEX page to learn more about how OTEX works and to download copies of studies performed by independent laboratories.



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