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JLA Announces Launch of Warewashing Division

Already well-known for its commitment to quality and service, JLA is always looking for new ways to deliver its unique service and make the lives of its customers easier. So it’s exciting to hear that the company has used its experience and knowledge of the care sector to enhance its offering in the world of dishwashers – with a focus on helping sites cut costs, washing times and the risk of cross-infection within their catering operations.

Dishwashing equipment has been part of JLA’s product portfolio for a number of years and many organisations already benefit from its end-to-end service in their kitchens. Following growing demand amongst its care customers, the firm has enhanced its glasswasher, dishwasher and utensil washer portfolio – collectively known as warewashing – and created a new division that is dedicated to the supply and servicing of these machines. It’s a bold move that is set to revolutionise dishwashing amongst care sites, giving both existing and new customers the opportunity to benefit from class-leading machines through JLA’s unique ‘no capital outlay’ Total Care package. As across its laundry product set, a simple monthly payment will cover supply, maintenance and repairs provided by JLA – with a guaranteed response time of 8 working hours that means customers receive £100 if an engineer isn’t on-site in that time.

Customers can therefore be assured that in choosing JLA dishwashers, they will benefit from the service, expertise and response guarantees they have come to expect from JLA over the years.

JLA’s CEO, Stephen Baxter, is excited by the latest developments.

"JLA’s reputation has of course been built around its laundry offering – it’s where everything began for the company. But we recognised a long time ago that there is a huge synergy between washing sheets, towels and linen, and washing dishes, plates and utensils – so we’ve put a lot of effort into developing our various warewashing products to reflect that. With our extended product range we are truly confident that we can match our warewashing offering to our laundry function. We understand that a care home needs to be sure their equipment will give excellent performance constantly and that if something goes wrong, it can be fixed right away with no unexpected repair bills to worry about. JLA’s dishwashers offer that reassurance."

Using insights gained from a long relationship with the care industry, and a deep understanding of the various needs across different sites, JLA has developed a dishwasher range that is tailor-made for the sector. Smaller care homes can benefit from compact undercounter machines that offer commercial performance in a 'domestic' size, larger sites may opt for passthrough alternatives that can wash higher volumes of crockery and cooking equipment at speed, and freshwater models have been specifically designed to ensure hygienic washing as well as maximum throughput.

Whichever solution is most appropriate, infection prevention is easily achievable. Features such as continuous rinse temperatures of 85°C have been developed to enable thermal disinfection, while those looking for the ultimate in hygiene can choose a unique UV lamp disinfection process.

It’s easy to see why JLA is becoming as renowned for dishwashing as it is for laundry.


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