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Form Follows Functions with JLA Tumble Dryers

At JLA, form has always followed function, with the emphasis on meeting customer needs rather than rushing to market with headline aesthetic features.

Tony Thomas, product director at JLA explains: 

“Although we build the latest technology into our commercial tumble dryers as standard, we constantly measure the functionality of our equipment against the tangible benefits our customers need. As we’ve shown in the development of our market-leading SMART Wash range, if it doesn’t save our customers money, speed up the laundry process or deliver improved operational efficiency, it doesn’t make it into the final design. The same is true of every dryer we develop.”

Industry demand is undoubtedly for machines that guard against ever-increasing energy costs, thus allowing for greater margins. In answer to the demand for ‘green’ innovation, JLA now has a new range of dryers in development for release later in 2013. The new portfolio of commercial and industrial dryers will not only meet the rigorous demands of commercial applications with large door opening, intelligent air-flow and fast cycle times, but also lead the way in energy efficiency with a number of functions that will cut cycle times, enable greater throughput and give launderettes and commercial laundries the ability to process more loads, pay less for the energy they use and ultimately boost profits.

Further cost can be saved even before the first load is dried however, thanks to JLA’s unique Total Care package – which includes machine supply, 7-day breakdown cover and 8-working hour response guarantee all covered by a simple monthly payment. It’s a particularly attractive proposition for those seeking to set-up a new business without having to find a lump sum to fund the machines they need.

As Liam Grant, head of marketing at JLA points out, technical advancements will only be as good as the service cover that comes with them. 

“We know through experience that the biggest consideration for any retail business is upfront cost. With Total Care package that puts machines on-site without the need for any capital investment, we remove that concern completely.”

And for those who prefer to re-invest from their profit pool and buy outright, standalone service contracts offer equally reassuring backup. As Mr. Grant continues:

“Offering a machine with all the latest ‘bells and whistles’ is all very well, but without reliable breakdown cover, a 24/7 service helpline and national engineer coverage backed up by a stock inventory of thousands of genuine parts lines and essential maintenance such as duct cleaning and gas safety checks, state-of-the-art innovations can become redundant the moment a fault occurs.”

As a long-standing JLA customer, commercial healthcare laundry Grosvenor Contracts has benefited from JLA’s commitment to efficiency and durability for over a decade, as joint Managing Director Ollie Austen testifies:

“Grosvenor Contracts have partnered with JLA since 2002. Their equipment and service is exemplary and second to none, while their drying equipment is well designed and very economical to run.”


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