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Equine Influenza Prevention

After numerous horseracing events were cancelled by the British Racing Authority (BHA) in February 2019, Equine Flu remains a concern - and it has become more important than ever to ensure your stables have as many procedures and processes in place as possible for Equine Influenza prevention. 

In addition to vaccine advice from the British Equestrian Foundation, World Horse Welfare (WHW) also advise owners to...

"...maintain good personal hygiene, avoid sharing equipment between horses, clean housing and equipment regularly and thoroughly disinfect between horses." 

In their 'Hands On Against Disease' guide, WHW also cite contaminated bedding and equipment such as rugs and clothing as potential carriers of the Equine Flu bug - so it's vital that your laundry can thoroughly disinfect these and other items in your stables every day.

Equine Influenza Prevention

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Ozone Laundry Disinfection

The OTEX ozone washer system - primarily used in care and hospital laundries - is a powerful disinfectant that eliminates 99.999% of harmful micro-organisms during a cool wash cycle all whilst saving money on utility bills.

As the experts in laundry solutions, JLA developed its ground-breaking OTEX ozone system in 2004, in recognition of the need for thorough and reliable disinfection of laundry in many sectors including care homes, hotels and stables. 

Ozone laundry disinfecton can help you...

  • Prevent illness or even death of horses
  • Avoid unnecessary vet bills
  • Guard agains human disease
  • Keep your yard running smoothly
  • Maintain performance and life of your horses

Protecting your horses will also protect the staff in your stables. Effective disinfection in your uniform or workwear laundry can help you guard against human illnesses such as salmonella and ringworm.

By using OTEX in their washing machines, Stable owners can rest assured that a cool wash cycle will disinfect numnahs, blankets or large rugs and ultimately help to prevent cross-infection on their premises. For more information on OTEX from JLA, visit our OTEX section or request a callback.


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