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Chartis Boarding Kennels

JLA has taken a weight off the shoulders of staff at Chartis Boarding Kennels, who were plagued by laundry issues impacting on their professional and even their personal lives.

There are many responsibilities to having a pet, and making sure they have a home from home while you’re away, where they are fed, watered and taken care of, is one of them. At Chartis Boarding Kennels in Newcastle, Anne Colton and her team provide this important service.

With 42 kennels and 12 catteries, the laundry at Chartis is a key facility that needs to be in continual working order to ensure the team can keep on top of day-to-day life at the centre, however before JLA introduced the JLA 98 through its Total Care solution Anne was experiencing real problems.

Before the JLA 98 was installed the domestic machines she used were not reliable, as Anne explains; “When one worked, the others didn’t, and one by one they wore out completely,” she says. “We were constantly doing laundry to get through the build-up which is hugely time consuming. Sometimes we’d have to take laundry home with us to wash after working hours, which wasn’t very pleasant for the team.

JLA’s commercial laundry equipment is the ideal choice for kennels and catteries of all sizes. Built to last and able to handle multiple loads of laundry each day, JLA washers and tumble dryers are designed to handle pet beds, blankets and other items, which are often covered in animal hair. They provide the wash results that discerning kennel and cattery owners expect from their washing machines and tumble dryers.

Anne also now have the peace of mind of the fully-inclusive breakdown cover and eight working-hour engineer response that the Total Care solution provides should a problem ever arise again – so no more pet bedding to deal with at home!
Installing durable commercial washing machines at the Chartis Boarding Kennels has “lifted a real weight” off Anne’s shoulders. “It’s good to be able to get it all done as quickly as possible and not worry about the equipment going down,” she says. “We can just fire through the washing now with no problems.”

Anne thinks that other kennels and catteries around the country should look to make the move to JLA commercial machines: “Having durable equipment that’s suitable for the job has just made things so much easier,” she says.


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